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Botox and Facial Fillers: Juvederm, Restylane: What you see and what you don't

Welcome to My Blog!

Know your injector: Dr. Amanda Battisti

I am Dr. Amanda, Board Certified since 2004. I am from New York and did my training in NY City and was a fellow at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, the only Ivy League affiliated program in NY City. I had a Med spa business there which I loved, but wanted warmer, beachier weather so moved to Myrtle Beach with my family. I have 3 kids: 17, 15, and 13. I have lived here for 16 years and am proud to call it my home. I have been performing Botox since it first came out in the US. I started training in anti-aging, Botox and facial fillers almost 20 years ago. I do Kybella, smooth and lifting threads, for non surgical face/neck lifts and skin tightening. I also sell prescription skin care products such as Obagi and Skin Medica. This blog is to introduce myself and to let you know why you should come to see me above all others in the area:

I have many years experience, Board Certified, Physician run and owned, competitive prices, cutting edge. I take courses and do training often to enhance my skills and learn updates and new procedures. I do not like needles or going to doctors myself, so I try to make my patients as comfortable and pain -free as possible while combining the perfect mixture of a spa-like experience with a high expertise medical procedure. Choose from an in office setting or the comfort of your own home.

Book an Appointment Today!

Follow the links on our website to make a booking, or call at 843-655-9013. We have offices in Conway, SC in the beautiful, brand new, state of the art Atlantic Urology Building near Conway Medical Center, and we also do house calls in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach office location coming soon.

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